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Flight Watch Class 97002
Course 50201
Class dates: 04/01/1997 - 04/24/1997

Class Names (left to right)

Front row: Mark Arthur (BDR), Jacqueline Pilot (COU), Robyn Miller (DCA), Rafael Morales (SJU), Tommy Forte (MIA), Rosemary Cozart (ABQ), Clyde Johnson (CLE), Kristin Miller (HHR), Kate Schlachter (NWS Instructor, Doug Streu (NWS Instructor)
Second row: Ron Covington (NWS Lead Instructor), Maxine Roach (COU), Duane Siedentop (IKK), Howard Alberty (SJU), David Stitch (MIA), Flint Walkup (CXO), Robert Johnson (BTV), Don Hilton (COU), John Kleber (DEN), Jon Osterberg (OU NWS Instructor) 

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