FAA Flight Service Academy Lab, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

This is the FSS Lab and it was first used to train FSS personnel in 1962. The Lab was designed by Clyde Little and Bill Mace, plus the construction of all problems to simulate the working of a flight service station.

At the front center of the picture is the Pilot briefing counter for walk in pilots. Behind the counter is the Teletype position, where all written traffic was sent and received. Clockwise is the Military flight plan position, where Military flight plans were sent and received between the FSS and Military Flight Service. The instructor behind the student is Wally Home, Clockwise in the back is a radio position for sending and receiving messages via radio between the FSS and pilot, the instructor is Glen Goodman. Farther clockwise in the back is another radio position, the instructor is Bill Mace. Clockwise the next position is the Pilot Briefing position, this is where all flight plans were received by phone and Pilot Weather briefings were preformed.  The instructor with his back to us is David Hahn.

The Problems were fed to the students from the room pictured in the back. Students fed the problem from these positions, from pilots via radio, phone and teletype between facilities.

All aspects and services preformed were very realistic to the student in the lab receiving the information.  Lost aircraft problems were entered into the system. Students were so involved that they would forget where they were etc.  The person standing with the earphone is Clyde Little, lead instructor.

All of this I know probably seems very antiquated and does not fit into the present system close to 50 years later, however we were very successful in our value to the pilot and aviation in general.

Photo and text submitted by Clyde Little.

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