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Class 95002
Course 50241
Class dates: 09/13/95 thru 12/13/95

Class Names:
Front Row:  Kevin McAllister (DEN), Doug Streu (NWS), Wille Hester (RDU), Eric Labreque (BTV), Carol Raiford (MIA), Sid Sheets (CXO).
Second Row:  Joh Schamel (Asst. Class Manager), Jack Hurd (DEN), John Laski (BUF), David Saldivar (ENA), Bruce Ayer (BGR), Kathy Glynn (DCA), Ron Covington (Class Manager).
Third Row:  Diane Wright (PIE), Bud Anderson (AOO), Greg Cox (PIE), Judy Rash (PIE), Rickie Farmer (AND).

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These are the students learning how to become Flight Service Specialists. 

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