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Class 8015
Course 50244
5/29/1980 - 8/20/1980

Class Names (left to right)

Front row: Bernard Bolosan (HNL), John Abdul-Malik (MKL), Donna Beidl (DCA), Jacquelyn Ambers (DCA), Charles Nuckols (BRL).
Second row: Richard Davis (HNL), James Wohlers (BFF), Mark Watling (ALW).
Third row: Edwards Leuty (CLL), Christopher Chavez (BOI), Timothy Williams (MBS).
Fourth row: Wilbert Square (?), Joe Jedlicka (Instructor), Barbara Williams (Instructor), Steve Borish (Instructor).
Fifth row: Lee Byrd (Instructor), Larry Guthrie (Instructor), ?Instructor, Jerry Kutch (Instructor). Other instructors, Bob Eldridge, Dan McElroy.

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