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Class 8003 & Sister Class 8004
Course 50223
12/12/1979 - 3/7/1980

Class Names (left to right)

Front row: ?, Barbara Hodges, (YAK), ?, ?, ?, Ron Calahate (BLH).
Second row: ?, ?, Theresa Dubber, ?, Mick Batt (DLG)
Third row: ?, Ken Martin (KTN), ?, Roger Phipps (ILI), Betsy Colletti (MFE)
Fourth row: Larry Parker, Ann Lewis, ?, Boots Allen (CDB), Neftali (Tito) Diaz, ?, ?, Rick Harris (Instructor), Randy Colvin (UKI), Jerry Kutch (Instructor), Mel Southam (Lead Instructor), Joe Quinn,

Other class names but placement is unknown:
Dave Venters (GVL), Linda ?, Diane Lavalle (DAL), Ada Johnson (PWA), Marie Freeman (SAT), Wayne Hudson, Chris Cypret, Mike Phillips (MIA), Angela Moes (GAG), Steve Hinton (not in photo)

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