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Class 79005
Course 50223
Graduated 4/4/1979

Class Names (left to right)

Front row: Chris Chaney (LWT), Les Roser (Instructor), Larry Guthrie (Lead Instructor), Arnie Horne (DET), Bob Geranis (OMA).
Second row: Phil Vigil (TAD), Don (Smitty) Smith (CDR), Agnes Ryan (AUG), Nancee Niemiec (HUL), Candy Miksch (CDR), Nila Reite (LBF)
Third row: Don Bowen (GRI) Will Nelson (Instructor), Chuck Parks, Connie Wills (DSM), Dave Prichard (CDR), Mardie Geiser (GRB), Gary France (DET), Linda Frey (MSP), Mel Southam (Instructor).
  Stephanie Van Zandt (DDC - not in photo)

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