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Class 7719
Course 50223

Class dates:  7/6/77 thru 9/13/77

Class Names (left to right)
Front row: Madelyn Jamerson (COU), Keith Wright (CRE), Mary O'Brien (IPL), Joe Haynie, Peggy Walsh (BOS), Rob Reed (Instructor). 
Second row: Edward Tatum (ANB), John Moore (LOL), Dale Boevers (MQT), Ron Johnson (ALW), Bob Sennett (PSB), Joe Dougherty (MOT), Robert Lyerlee (PSB), Unknown Instructor. 
Back row:  Sandra Moore (MHK), John Owens (LOL), Ron Mickelson (GFK), Bill McGovern, Bill Rice (BOI), Ken Helton, Bill Tilk.

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