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Class 7711
Course 50202

Class Names (left to right)

Front row: Loren M. Gibbons (Lead Instructor), Robert Reeder (Instructor), Otis Turney (ART), Bill Westin (WJF), John Martin (ABY).
Second row: Anne Spence (DCA), George Johnson (HON), Steve Stanelle (DYR).
Third row: Diane Stamper (TUS), Tom Haydon (SIY), Tom Palma (GRI), Bill Monaghan (CTB), Bob Willis (BDL), Bill Sykes (EMP).
Fourth row:  Rita Avanzino (SAN), Roy Bell (MLS), Jimi Eastman (RKS), Larry Harper (HOU), Elizabeth Gourley (ANC), Gilbert Reyna (HOU), Irving Washington (BOS).

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