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Class 76-21
Course 50202
Class dates:  4/20/1976 thru 6/25/1976

Class Names (left to right)

Front row: Rusty Aiken, Robert Maurer (Teletype Instructor), Jim Kanehirods, Chuck Campbell, Stan Ginoza, Richard Madri  (Lead Instructor), Ed Jessup (NWS Instructor)
Second row: Rupert Maxwell (Teletype and Lab Instructor), Jay Baumann (Pilot Weather Briefing, & Lab Instructor), Rodney Coe,Chuck Kelly, Bill Morey, Robin Craviotto, Jack Nimmo (Inflight Lab Instructor)
Third row: Glenn Setchfield (Flight Data & Inflight Instructor), Dave Fosdick, Jim Baczkowski, Susan Hansen, Sylvia Topper, Fred Clark
Fourth row: Dan York, John Ziegler, Lou Resler, Marvin Miyai, Bob Armstrong

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