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Class 03004
Course 50244
3/25/2003 - 6/5/2003

Class Names (left to right)

Front row: Richard Seneca (Lead Instructor), Eric Huss (CPR), Mike Macheel (SEA), Steve Carr (DCA), Raul Garza (RAL), Dennis Zimmerman (Instructor), Ray Lauffer (Instructor).
Second row: Carl Adams (MIV), Ernest Jones (FTW), Chris Shinabery (PNM), Lourdes Lay (MIA), Nathan Sanders (RDU). 
Third row: Matt Sheffield (SJT), Brian Soram (MIA), Bobby Acker (RDU), John Moore (Instructor), Brenda Helmuth (PNM), Scott Mason (DAY)
Fourth row: Russel Comeaux (Lead Instructor), Mike Bender (NWS Instructor), Carol Bowe (Instructor).

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