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Class 03003
Course 50244
2/18/2003 - 4/29/2003

Class Names (left to right)

Front row: Pattie Ridgeway (SJU), Greg Bell (BDR), Lawrence Trottini (IKK), Jeremy DeHaven (IKK), Marcus Archuleta (OLU), Jamie Knell (MIA), Ron Teems (MKL)
Second row:   Kevin Johnson (OLU), Dennis Zimmerman (Instructor), Darryl Gibbons (IKK), Gary Taylor (DCA), Russel Comeaux (Instructor), Ray Lauffer (Instructor), Dona Halbakken (Lead Instructor).
Third row: Vern Gulbransen (Lead Instructor), Dana Bunch (MIA), Keith Spears (IKK), Gary Blake (SJT), Jeremy Mosher (OLU), Carol Bowe (Instructor).

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