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Class 02004
Course 50244
6/5/02 - 8/15/02

Class Names (left to right)

Front row: Jon Osterberg (NWS Instructor), Carole Bowe (Lead Instructor), Mike Papero (MMV), Mary McAllister (Instructor), Pete Edelman (BDR), Jack Hardcastle (SEA), George Johnson (Instructor).
Second row: Carl Hendrickson (Instructor), Richard Seneca (Instructor), Cheri Abney (MLC), Mel Bourgeois (Course Manager), Kev Simidian (RIU), Cliff Shelder (Instructor).
Third row: Jim Harter (IKK), Mark McCormack (BDR), Erica Hoover (RNO), Victor Morales (HHR), Russ Comeaux (Instructor), Robb Jones (ENA).

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