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Class 02002
Course 50244
3/22/02 - 6/3/02

Class Names (left to right)

Front row: John Jarboe (NWS Instructor), Henry Ontiveros (SJT), Cris Podbielski (JBR), Ann Gilchrest (SEA), Dennis Anderson (JNU).
Second row: Russel Comeaux (Instructor), Frank Novonty (JBR), Debra Jones (ENA), Lidia Dow (DRI), Angela Riley (BOI), George Johnson (Lead Instructor).
Third row: Rick Akers (Instructor), Bobby Joyner (RDU), Ray Lauffer (Instructor),  Frank Kreager (BDR) Mark Bass (OLU).
Fourth row:  Jack Lowe (Instructor), Carole Bowe (Instructor), Charles Hardrick (Lead Instructor), 

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