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Class 02001
Course 50244
1/7/02 - 3/20/02

Class Names (left to right)
 Front row:  Bobby Prentice (NWS Instructor), Joseph Goninan (MIA), John Savala (HHR), Linda Collins (RAL), Valerie Quince (MIA), Carrie Kleidon (ENA), Jeffrey Bishop (BGR), Bill Tyson (TKA).
Second row:   Jim Pattan (Instructor), Esther Lloyd (Section Supervisor), Kevin Bender (HHR), Doug Streu (NWS Instructor), Frank Cortes (RIU), Rick Thomas (RNO).
Back row: Mick Batt (Lead Instructor), Greg Eaker (Instructor), Russel Comeaux (Instructor), Elias Torres (SJT), Wayne Norris (DRI), Gerry Dunham (ISP), Kimberley Burton (GWO), Jack Lowe (Instructor),  Clifford Shelder (Lead Instructor).

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