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Class 01003
Course 50244

March 1, 2001 - May 10, 2001 

Class Names (left to right)
 Front row:  Jim Pattan (Lead Instructor), James Stonerock (STL), Shelby Savage (COU), John Schamel  (Lead Instructor).
Second row:  John Warner (BUF), Steve Gracia (STL), Marco Bohorquez (NWS Instructor), Derek Smithers (BGR), Victor Naso (FOD), Jeffrey Huie (ANB), Esther Lloyd (Supervisor), Brad Compton (COU).
Third row: Vern Gulbransen  (Instructor), William Hughes (FAI), Greg Eaker   (Instructor), Jeffrey Dibler (BGR), Eric Kaelin (MIV), Mary Williams (BTV), John Zimmerman (BUF), Donna Halbakken  (Instructor), Cliff Shelder  (Instructor). 

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