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by Roger Barnes

The following is an incomplete list of airway beacons drawn from the NGS database of survey marks.  Most if not all of these beacons no longer exist, but their locations and remains are of historical interest.

The letter following the Monumented/Observed date indicates:
O = Observed
* = First history is undated, date is for first dated report or
First history is dated after subsequent history report

The letter following the last report date:
D = Last reported "Destroyed"
N = Last reported "Not Found"
P = Last reported "Poor"
S = Last report indicates "See Description"
* = Last report is prior to a previous report

Red text indicates a value that is not present on the NGS datasheets but was determined by Zhanna's research. PIDs are clickable links to the updated NGS datasheets.

Download Excel File
Western United States Airway Beacons
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Eastern United States Airway Beacons 
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Links listed in Excel files are to the NOAA database

Web Links to same information
Western United States Airway Beacons
Eastern United States Airway Beacons

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