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Alaska Region

Mukluk Telegraph's 1943-1950 (searchable)
Alaskan Mukluk Telegraph Publications

Alaskan Region Intercoms (searchable)
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Alaska Trapline Newsletter (searchable)
Trapline Jul 1971.pdf

Trapline Nov- Dec 1974.pdf
Trapline May-Jun 1975.pdf
Trapline Nov 1980.pdf 

Alaska Region Telephone Directory (searchable)

February 1964.pdf (9MB)
January 1968.pdf  (7MB)
July 1971.pdf (19MB)
May 1974.pdf (14MB)
1976 Directory.pdf (13MB)
June 1980.pdf (19MB)

Alaska Region Organizational Charts
1961  1965  1967  1973  1974 


Scroll through the ebooks to view organizations, contacts, organization charts, regions, international area offices, William J. Hughes Technical Center, and facility abreviations.

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December 1993
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August 2001


No. 1-200, 1927
No. 201-400, 1927-1928
No. 401-600, 1928-1929
No. 601-800, 1929
No. 801-1000, 1929-1930
No. 1001-1259, 1930-1931

FAA World Publications

FAA Aviation News 1962-1976

FAA Horizons
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Journal of ATC Magazine
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Civil Aeronautics in the United States, April 1, 1934
Civil Aeronautics in the United States, August 1, 1935
Civil Aeronautics in the United States, August 1, 1937

Aviation Training 1935

The Federal Airways System July 1, 1936
Weather reports, airway beacons, landing fields, aeronautical radio facilities.

State Aeronautical Legislation Digest and Uniform State Laws

1932 Regulations of Aeronautical Lights & Air Navigation Obstruction
Regulations governing establishment  and certification of aeronautical lights and recommended standards for marking obstructions to air navigation. July 1, 1932.

Airport Rating Regulations, July 1, 1932
Rating of air-navigation facilities available for the use of aircraft.

Air Commerce Bulletins 1929-1939

Air Commerce Regulations 1934
Licensing and inspection of aircraft, pilots, mechanics, air traffic rules

Bureau of Air Commerce Radio Facilities and Broadcast Schedule. March 5, 1935 (PDF)

Dept. of Commerce El Passo to Pueblo Airway Site Locations 1942 (PDF .5mb)

Montoya, NM Radio Beacon Site Map. Date unknown (PDF .2mb)

Colonias, NM Radio Beacon Site 79 Map (PDF .1mb)

The Aeronautics Branch, Department of Commerce;
Its history, activities and organization, by Laurence F. Schmeckebier

Radio Range
Airville, Pennsylvania Radio Range 1933

Early Communications
Early Communications (1.3mb PDF, 228 pages)

FAA Historical Chronology
FAA Historical Chronology 1926-1996  (2.3mb PDF, 290 pages)

Southwest Region
Southwest Region Bicentennial History Publication (PDF 2.2mb, 116 pages)
Contains excellent historical information on the Airways Division, Air Traffic, and Flight Standards, including the development of  air traffic in New Mexico, Texas, and Louisiana.

Northwest Mountain Region
Northwest Mountain Region Intercom's and other publications

1970 Air Traffic Control System  (pdf)
The story of the Federal Air Traffic Control System and the crews who man this vast network 24 hours a day.  July 1970 (five page pdf file).

Miscellaneous Links
Alaska ATC Pre-development Job Offer Memo 1980 (pdf)
AOPA article: Lockheed Martin Flight Service changes name to Leidos
AOPA article on outsourcing FSS out to Lockheed Martin
1987 San Diego FSS Facility Directory, with Photos (PDF 3.5mb)
The Last Lighthouse Article (PDF .5mb)
Pacific Radio News, New Stations of the Aerial Mail Service, 1920
Link contains 1 of 438 pages from the Pacific Radio News, Volume 1, Page 291, dated August 1920, describing in detail one of the most efficient radio circuits in the world located between two Aerial Mail Service radio stations, North Platte, Nebraska, and at Elko, Nevada.
FAA Handbook: Maintenance of Astronomic Time Switches and Photo Electric Devices for Airway Lighting 1963
Provides a manual of technical standards, operational procedures, special methods and techniques to guide technical personnel in the maintenance of astronomic time switches and other lighting aids.
U.S. Department of Commerce Federal Airway System 1936
Aeronautics Bulletin #34, July 1, 1936. Description of the Federal Airway System embracing 22,000 miles of lighted and radio-equipped air routes.
U.S. Department of Commerce General Airway Information 1931
Bulletin #1: General Airway Information, September 1, 1931.
Bulletin #2: Descriptions of Airports and Landing Fields, September 1, 1931.

A group of people dedicated to the preservation of the airway beacon sites.
Kohler Generators
View brochure and a list of Kohler manufacturing dates and serial numbers between pre-1936 and 1973.
Four Post Airway Beacon Towers Specifications, 1927 (pdf)
Specifications provided by the Airways Division explaining the 51 ft, 62 ft, and 75 ft. beacon tower requirements for bidding purposes.
Military Aerial Navigation Beacon Specifications, 1953 (pdf)
Covers beacon towers intended for use as supporting structures for lights.f

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