List of Nevada Light Beacons Sites

Beacon 18 N 39 29.401', W 119 57.895'    NGS Data Sheet KR1732
Beacon 19 N 39 31.838', W 119 39.367'    NGS Data Sheet KR1752
Beacon 19 N 39 31.855', W 119 39.338'    NGS Data Sheet KR1753
Note: 2011. There are two Beacon 19 locations very close together on a mountain that is today the site of the Mustang VORTAC.

Both data sheets refer to "Beacon 19" and one data sheet mentions the beacon being moved.  The "Airway Beacon" on the 1:24,000 scale topo map is at a third slightly different location.
Beacon 20 N 39 34.851', W 119 29.241'
Beacon 22

N 39 37.279', W 119 11.834'
2011. This was the beacon located at Fernley Intermediate Field. There are two concentric circles, the outer one approx. 100' dia., the inner one approx. 50' dia., both about 24" wide, with a concrete pad at the center. The outer circle was painted white, the inner circle and pad were painted red. Ed.

Beacon 23

N 39 44.831', W 118 56.173'

Beacon 24

N 39 48.795', W 118 51.413'
: 2011. This was the beacon at Parran, Nevada. I'm not too sure this was actually Beacon 24 as the old concrete foundation seems too small compared to other beacons in the vicinity, although the coordinates agree with the CGS datasheet for benchmark KR1556, identified as SAN FRAN SALT LAKE AWY BCN 24. I've seen some old maps & nautical charts that show both a course light and a main beacon in close proximity to each other at this site. After the weather cools down, I plan on heading back out to this one to look around some more. Ed.

Beacon 26 N 40 04.188', W 118 34.254'
Note: 2011.
This is the beacon at Derby Field near Lovelock, Nevada. I've also seen this beacon designated as 26-A. Ed.
Beacon 28-A N 40 04.523', W 118 10.892'
Beacon 30 N 40 12.357', W 117 48.272'    NGS Data Sheet LR0848 
Note: Located 1.5 miles SW of Mc Kinney Pass.   This is on the 24K and 100K scale topo maps.
Beacon 32 N 40 20.713', W 117 20.852'    NGS Data Sheet LR0841
2011. This was at the Buffalo Valley CAA Intermediate.  Photo
Beacon 212 N 39 35.834', W 119 22.207'
Beacon 216

N 39 36.496', W 119 17.395'  Photo

Beacon 253 N 39 51.032', W 118 41.063'
Unknown N 40 17.757', W 118 21.111'
Note: Unidentified Beacon near Coal Canyon.  This concrete arrow is 17.7 miles north of the Humboldt Intermediate field, just off Interstate 80 near Coal Canyon, northeast of Lovelock. Ed.

Thanks to the dedicated below people for their research and perseverance in locating these sites.
Ed Rajki
Steve Owen
Steve Wolfe
Tom Johnson

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