Submitted by Barbara Davidson

Buffalo Valley Radio and Radio Beacon, Nevada.  1942.
Radio Station:
The left side consisted of living quarters. The radio station was located in the center and the right side was temporary housing or bachelor quarters.  The building on the left (in upper left photo) was moved to Battle Mountain and still in use today (2007) as an FAA office.
VIEW Photo comparison between above 1942 building with 2007 photo.

Radio Beacon tower above:  Eugene Eberts, climbing the beacon.  Buffalo Valley is located about 20 miles southwest of Battle Mountain, NV. 
4023'55.36"N 11719'23.79"W


Submitted by Barbara Davidson

Buffalo Valley Radio position, Nevada, 1942.
Otto Kleinschmidt on the radio.  A Raymond Shire was also assigned here.

Above information supplied by Barbara Davidson, daughter of Otto Kleinschmidt,
pictured above.

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