Submitted by Robert E. Pearce

Battle Mountain, Nevada. August 2007
A longtime local resident said these old airway radio housing units were originally located in Buffalo Valley, Humbolt County, and possibly Beowawe or Lovelock, Nevada. At some point they were transported to their current location (as of 2007) in Battle Mountain, Nevada.

Robert, submitter of above photo, states the following:  After comparing the elevation given for Humboldt Radio on the April 1942 6M Regional Aeronautical Chart,  I'm positive that the houses shown in the above photo were located in the northern tip of the Humboldt Auxiliary Field.  There was some kind of an "ore processing" operation there in fairly recent years and so there are no remains to be found.  I compared the site elevation and also the elevation of a peak to the north of the site as shown on the chart and they both match.  The coordinates as taken from "Google Earth" are: 
40 deg. 5' 23.95" N and 118 deg 09' 37.2" W. (Use the following format to paste into Google Earth: 405'23.95"N 11809'37.2"W)

This is the only place where the elevation matches.  Another interesting point is that the house on the right in the picture is the only one of the seven homes that has two windows to the left of the front porch.  We lived in this house in 1977 and 1978. 

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