Mason City FSS (MCW), Iowa.
Mason City Radio was commissioned in September 1941 as a 
U.S. Airways Communications Station.  William C. Lyons was named
the first Chief.  Services at first were limited, since service "A" teletype 
and commercial telephones were the only means of communications.

In October 1947 Cleo R. Minkner arrived to assume the duties of Chief, 
following the resignation of Lyons to enter private business.  Activity
continued to grow and in February 1951, the operation was moved to the
tower cab and all personnel were qualified as control tower operators.  
No action ever followed, however, to make the site a Combined Station/Tower 
type of operation.

Ground breaking came for the new Flight Service building in August 1961.  
Dedication of the building occurred in September of the following year.

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