Submitted by Steve Forsyth

Yakutat (YAK) FAA Housing, Alaska, 2006. 
The long one piece gray structure in the foreground is the old National Weather Service (NWS) office and housing, .  The NWS observation office was located on the far left end,  the remainder were NWS housing units.

The small field that lies between the NWS housing and the gravel road that parallels the NWS housing (the road next to the small white structure on far right) is where FAA housing once existed for all FSS and Airways Facility (AF) employees stationed in Yakutat.  A few years prior to this photo, preparations were underway to move the housing units to another location due to runway expansion but exhaust from a generator, a little too close to one of the units, caused a fire which destroyed one of them.  The remaining housing units were then demolished.

In the lower left corner of the photo is an area of contaminated soil discovered during the runway expansion cleanup project.

Rain (average 135 inches annually), bald eagles, fish, wolves, and brown bears flourish in the area.  It was very common for Alaskan Brown Bears to wonder through the housing project every night during the summer months.  The FSS station is now closed.

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