Submitted by John R. Keith

Haines Radio (HNS) Housing, Alaska, 1951-1952.
CAA housing where John Keith (submitted this photo) resided with his father.


My dad was CAA/FAA from about 1940-1967.  We were stationed at Skwentna, Gulkana, Juneau, Haines, Galena, and Yakataga, Alaska, Battle Mountain (Nevada) Farmington (New Mexico) St. Thomas (Virgin Islands) Superior (Montana) Bryce Canyon (Utah), and Santa Barbara (California). 


When the FAA was formed, he was called to DC to be one of the plank owners for the Administrator’s communications unit (OA-10, as it was called then).  That was his last duty station from 1960-1967.  I have a lot of great memories of all of these out of the way places.  We were stationed at Haines, AK in the late 40s or early 50s.  The photos are of the Haines CAA housing, probably about 1951 or 52.


I looked at the photos you currently have.  Thank for doing this.  It was great to see the Yakataga  photos.  I can’t remember if we left in 1956 or 1957, but I recognized the people in the Mail Day photo.  Little Timmy Grey was a year younger than I.  We got into a fight over one of the Hays girls, but decided that we didn’t need a girlfriend but needed a buddy to pal around with.  When we were there, two non-CAA people lived there.  Edna was a Native American who, if I remember correctly, was born there at the turn of the century, when Yakataga was a small gold rush town.  She lived out on the Cape in a beautiful two-story Cape Cod house.  It had electricity (courtesy of the CAA) but no indoor plumbing, except for a hand pump in the kitchen.  She was the Postmaster and handled all the mail.  What we liked best about the mail was getting two new movies, I think every two weeks….long before Netflix.  There was a 16mm projector to show the films and even though I was just a kid, I was the de facto movie guy.  I’d show them at night when they first came, then any other time they were requested.  We had a small community center we used for that.  It is on the far left of the Yakataga Housing 1957 photo.  Our house was the first one shown on the Yakataga Housing2 page.


You also have pictures of the Battle Mountain housing, which we lived at in about 1955-1956.  The houses, at that time were in Battle Mountain, actually on the eastern edge of town, about a 10 minute walk to the elementary school I went to, which was more or less in the middle of town.

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