Oakland AIFSS (OAK), California.  2000.
Oakland FSS/AFSS/AIFSS has been housed in five different buildings. The first 
FSS was located out on the tidal flats and had to be accessed by rowboat. That

building was relocated, at least in part, to an area of Bay Farm Island where it was 
above the tide line. When Oakland developed the original airport, the FSS was again 
moved, this time into the airport terminal building where the FAA also located the 
original Oakland ARTCC and San Francisco Approach Control. Sometime in the late 
50's or early 70's the FSS was moved again to a new building about 1/4 mile from the 
old terminal building. In 1992 a new facility (shown above) was constructed on the 
airport to house the current AIFSS.

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